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Massage Therapy

Swedish - Massage Therapy
By working the skin, soft tissues and muscles, massage has an effect on all the major and minor systems of the body. It improves general health and promotes profound relaxation.
Deep Tissue - Massage Therapy
Working deeply within muscles and connective tissue, it helps break up adhesions which can cause pain and restricted movement and can bring long-lasting relief.
Thai - Massage Therapy
The aim of Thai massage is to improve energy, increase flexibility, overall health and well-being.
Pregnancy - Massage Therapy
This type of massage is specific to pregnant women. The aim is to provide relieve of the symptoms that come with the extra weight.
Aroma - Massage Therapy
It refers to the use of essential oils in holistic treatments to improve health and emotional well being and restore balance to the body.


Another way Candice see her practice is the balance of interwoven mechanisms – some in sync – some not. Her goal in practice is to sync those layered mechanisms and allow the body to function optimally. It is the best feeeling to see clients get back into what they are passionate about without pain. The human body is a sum of its parts: when a dysfunction is present, the entire body is affected presenting signs or symptoms in compensation and referred pain. Osteopathy uses gentle palpitation manual techniques to treat the primary source of the dysfunction. Manual Osteopaths are trained to treat all the tissues and systems of the body (musculoskeletal, visceral, fascial, arterial, nervous, cranialsacral) in conjunction with biomechanical, orthopedic and neurological clinical assessment.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine
Hue’s practice primarily focuses on evaluating, managing and monitoring mental and behavioral health. She incorporates knowledge of modern, traditional and natural forms of medicine to provide individualized care. The primary natural therapies Hue uses in her practice include botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine/acupuncture and lifestyle counselling. Hue believes that in order to achieve and maintain optimal health it is necessary to attain equilibrium by understanding the interactions and inseparable connections between the mind and the body. Hue’s passion is promoting patient health education, disease prevention and furthering the development of integrated health care.


Balance - Naturo-Aesthetic
Bring back your skin to its natural condition! Rashes, excess sebum, shininess… Oily skin is often in search of balance and purity. To meet these expectations, we have gathered active ingredients, natural purifiers and astringents, as respectful to the skin as they are effective: thyme, cypress, rosemary..
Deep Cleansing - Naturo-Aesthetic
Because the skin plays a vital role as a protection against external aggressions, make-up removal and cleansing procedures are the first beauty steps to adopt. we offer a complete range of cleansing products, with varied textures and formulas, for the pleasure and needs of all skin types, so that this cleaning step is as natural as possible.
Deep Vitality - Naturo-Aesthetic
For all those who lead a hectic life and whose skin is under daily attack, Phyt’s has created the Reviderm range enriched with Chlorophyll, oxygenating active ingredients and cell renewal stimulants. The skin breathes. It feels less tired, energised and visibly stronger.
Deep Hydrality - Naturo-Aesthetic
Through the synergic alliance of Hyaluronic Acid of plant origin, and other chosen plant oils, Aqua Phyt’s provides a guarantee of efficiency in essential daily skin hydration. Let yourself be flooded by this delicious moisturizing ritual dedicated to all types of dehydrated skin…
Deep Relaxing - Naturo-Aesthetic
Enjoy a “Balance – Naturo-Aesthetic” treatment with a 60 minutes Swedish massage.
Comfort Leg - Foot massage
A sensation of comfort and well-being is restored to legs, which feel lighter and appear slimmer. Ideal for individuals who suffer from long periods of time on their feet, which causes swelling in the legs and sensations of discomfort.